Welcome to the Pupil's Voice website!

Pupil's Voice is a mass data collection app, which collects evaluations and answers to questions. The app displays a minimum of 3 questions, which can be changed via our web portal.

We have established a 1-6 rating scale to quantifiably and conclusively analyse our data. This scale prevents users sitting on the fence and has been proven to give a more accurate data output.

Users interact with our app through a series of emoticons, and data can be viewed instantaneously through their user account - either as raw, time-stamped data or a colourful pie chart!

Although designed for use in the classroom, Pupil's Voice could be used for market research and other business-related situations. The app doesn't require internet access when collecting data and can store results in the 'cloud' until it can connect to a server.

All of the data collected via the app is fully GDPR compliant and all responses are anonymous. You can view our privacy policy here


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